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The Wire

“Technical versatility combined with an inquisitive temperament make Galya Bisengalieva a truly exciting violinist, as these appetising releases on her own label show.”
August 2019


The Guardian

“The highlight comes on Bisengalieva’s Umay, where she builds siren-like strings into a terror-inducing crescendo.”
June 2019



“An award-winning violin soloist with the London Contemporary Orchestra who has recorded with Steve Reich, Laurie Spiegel, Terry Riley and Actress...spinning minimalist pizzicato patterns and heat-haze swirls of sublime tension and release”
January 2019


Stationary Travels

“Quite an evocative journey and quite the imposing collection of talent on display in this compact, but exhilarating recording.”
January 2019

“creates teeming and imagistic environments with four strings and electronics”
December 2018

8 Albums Out Today You Should Listen to Now
November 2018


The Quietus

“Galya...a powerful force in new and primordial music”
November 2018


Brain Magazine

“Galya Bisengalieva vit dans un paradoxe. Celui d'être inconnu du grand public alors que ses accords de violons ne cessent de squatter les albums des grands de ce monde ces dernières années.”
July 2019



“From beautifully layered and drawn-out drone suspension to picked and looping structures. All beautifully played. It’s rich and deep and a great first move.”
January 2019

The Wire

“Bisengalieva coerces a muted drone from her viola that swells and descends in impact as it rumbles around the room. At points she attacks it furiously, unleashing a cacophonous sound not unlike a razor blade dancing across a wire fence.”
December 2019

“Remarkable set of compositions for violin that more or less reshapes what we know of the instrument in three different but equally startling and compelling ways. Oh there’s also an incredible remix from Actress as a digital bonus, did we say? What a f#cking record!”
June 2019


A Closer Listen

“New musical forms are often built on the backs of the old, as younger musicians develop new approaches, blending genres to create unusual hybrids.  This is the case throughout EP Two.  One can hear the shattered glass of industrial, the hot metal of drone, the warm glow of world music, the tactile immediacy of vinyl and the dramatic flourishes of video games, all in the space of a quarter-hour.  If EP One is a glass of fine wine, EP Two is a mind-altering drug.”
June 2019


“There’s drone music, and then there’s this. Respected violinist Galya Bisengalieva, whose work credits include Radiohead and Frank Ocean, rewrites the handbook on modern classical music in a language only she can read. Assisted by turntables, layers of electrics and a makeshift ‘drum machine’ assembled from recordings of traditional Kazakh instrumentation, EP TWO is a remarkably accomplished work of deeply felt composition and bullish futurism, as unnerving as it is moving.”
July 2019